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Erder International Trade & Construction Company
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Erder International Trade was established in Mersin/Turkey in 2006. It has successfully completed many projects in Middle East, Asia and Africa as a general trader of industrial materials. Mainly taking aim at material supply to hard regions with an excellent service quality, Erder had a place in many projects in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It has worked and currently working with world’s leading companies as well as some of World's Biggest Top 100 Contractors with its wide logistic network and strong financial structure. With a concept of best service and fast solution Erder operates in Turkey as a head office and in U.S.A., GERMANY, U.A.E., IRAQ with its branch offices.

It is providing an advantage of time and price through out Supply Chain to its customers; furthermore Erder is able to provide alternative solutions with its well-experienced technical staff. Thanks to special contracts undersigned, Erder International Trade & Construction Company has had a wide portfolio included preffered products.

Rapid and complete supply has been the priority of the company. Moreover, our techincally experienced engineers on mining, electric-electronics and textile are able to work on Data Sheets of the required products regarding their fields.

Our Advantages:


  • Having Fast and effective solution through our local branch offices.
  • Being a uniqe company which is able to do sourcing, transportation, customs, delivery, documentation and payment
  • Having a local sourcing and alternative product supply for urgent requirements.
  • Having an opportunity for stocking products for middle and long term purchasing and contract based projects.
  • Having a special product supply for US and EU standards.
  • Having highly educated personel.



Today, Erder International Trade & Construction Company has various kinds of working field in and out of Turkey such as construction, export and import, wholesale, transit-trade, committed contracts, private label production.

Our prior aim is to make progress by developing our product range with our experiences.

Erder is working as reliable supplier, regular logistic and on time delivery provider, with its dynamic and educated stuff.


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